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Becky Borden grew up in the South in a part-member family, came out at the age of 23, and lived most of her adult life in relationships with wonderful, unique women. Then nearly 20 years later, feeling the pull of the truthfulness of the gospel, Becky rejoined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 2013, married her lifelong friend, Bennett (who also experiences SSA), and was sealed to him in 2014 in the Washington DC temple. Becky and her husband are active members of the Church and reside in Salt Lake City, Utah. Becky loves to spend time with her family, cook all the yummy things, watch sci-fi movies, and sing. She and Bennett spend a lot of time outdoors hiking and camping, and enjoy traveling together often. One of the most beautiful parts of her journey back to the gospel is learning about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how it has infinite applications in this life.

Becky has a MBA in IT Management and currently works for the Church in the Information and Communication Services division. Prior to working for the Church, Becky was with Cisco Systems for almost 10 years doing IT, security, and enterprise compliance program management.