Did you know that North Star had a blog? Started in 2005, the blog was an important part of the emerging dialogue at the intersection of homosexuality, gender identity and faith - and remained a vibrant part of the North Star ecosystem for many years. Then, as our organization began to grow, our focus turned toward expanding our annual conference and other initiatives. During this time, the blog was neglected and sat dormant for several years.

We are pleased to announce that, simultaneous with the launch of the new North Star website, we are relaunching the Northern Lights blog.

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While we as a community continue seeking to live in accordance with the Gospel of Jesus Christ while navigating questions around homosexuality and gender identity, we now aim to become an important part of the dialogue once again. Our hope is that the articles will be meaningful, thought-provoking, uplifting and inspiring. The postings will include a variety of formats, styles and approaches, from polished essays and analyses to pieces that are creative, and artistic - even poetic. Some will be short-form, some longer - in each case, addressing important questions and topics that stimulate dialogue.

So, who’s going to be the writing force behind the Northern Lights blog?  You are - we are - the North Star Community. We already know that there is a collective wisdom and power in this gathering of amazing souls, and we envision this blog as tapping into that goodness, so that many more people can enjoy and be blessed by it. So, if you have an idea or draft or suggestion or polished masterpiece, we want to hear from you!

We encourage you to share from your experience and write from your heart. As you would expect, what this writing will all have in common is alignment with the mission and values of North Star and the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In order to ensure this harmony, each submitted piece will undergo a basic review process before approval - most often involving feedback and suggested/requested revisions.

More than simply ensuring a consistent, faith-promoting voice, we anticipate this back-and-forth will improve the quality of the writing overall, as happens in all good review processes. As you might expect, the purpose and tone of each piece is especially important. Please note that not all submissions will be published on this blog, but your voice is important and we encourage you to share your thoughts. Some may prefer anonymity with a certain piece, and that’s an option if it feels right. We’ll provide some more specific guidelines soon.

As we look to the future of Northern Lights, clearly this won’t be the typical “anyone have an idea for some content this week?” venue. We’re not really interested in generating content for content’s sake - but, instead, encouraging, gathering and curating the best thinking, writing and sharing from our community of inspiring brothers and sisters - and doing so in a way that can encourage, inspire and bless lives all around the world.  

When it comes to comments on the blog, we encourage thoughtful dialogue that can add to a particular conversation, rather than detracting from the spirit of the piece. Different from social media platforms, the comments on our own site will be moderated. That means inflammatory, mean-spirited, argumentative or negative comments will not be posted.

As with everything North Star does, we hope this new venue can help build faith in Jesus Christ and strengthen brothers and sisters in their desire to follow Him on the covenant path.  

We are excited that the Northern Lights will soon shine again!