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With the re-launch launch of this blog, we have brought together a small handful of contributors and anticipate this group continuing to grow. Occasionally, we will invite guests to submit articles or essays.

Do you have something to say about a particular gospel theme or some other topic as it relates to the intersections of faith and sexuality or gender identity? We are interested in submissions from a variety of perspectives and on a variety of topics as they relate to experiencing peace and congruence as a faithful member of the Church, including:

  • Gospel doctrines or teachings of Church leaders

  • Experiencing personal or spiritual change brought by applying the atonement in your life

  • Principles of mental health and wellness or spirituality

  • Navigating the blessings and challenges of life as a single member of the Church

  • Navigating the blessings and challenges of marriage

  • Building stronger relationships with family members

  • Nurturing a more sensitive and compassionate conversation in our congregations

  • Ministering to those who experience SSA or identify as LGBT

  • etc.

We are eager to publish submissions that are relevant, insightful, well-written, and in harmony with the purpose and focus of North Star.

We may share additional guidelines for submissions at a future date. At this early date when we are just launching the blog again, we want to see how things begin to unfold before we get too prescriptive. For now, enjoy the blog. And if there’s something you would like to share… we look forward to hearing your thoughts.