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Why are we the way we are? Why were we born into this world with the complex and wonderful bundle of characteristics that make us who we are? Why were we born with knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Billions of people have been born unto this earth who do not have this knowledge. In fact, according to scientists, more than 100 billion humans have been born on the earth. Why is it that we, out of those 100 billion, were given the gift and the responsibility of a knowledge of the gospel? And, most critically, what does that mean about our responsibilities and obligations while we are here on this earth and beyond?

The Why? question is central to everyone, but perhaps especially to all of us in the SSA (same-sex attraction) and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) LDS communities. Why? Why am I the way I am? What is its purpose, and what is its meaning for my life and God’s plan for me?

We have been exploring these questions individually and collectively for many years. North Star is a peer-led community of LDS individuals and families who are navigating the complexities associated with experiencing same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria and reconciling those feelings with our faith.

While we don’t claim to have all the answer, we do try to share our collective knowledge and life experiences within the community. It’s less about having the answers, and more about just engaging in the dialogue. As you peruse the resources we have created, we hope you will be uplifted and inspired. May you find joy in your journey and peace in your hearts.

Please read my recent “President’s Message” at the link below.

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Bennett Borden
President, North Star

Welcome to North Star. A place where you will be heard and understood.

Welcome to North Star. A place where you will be heard and understood.