Everyone has questions, and sometimes you might be afraid to ask them. A lot of the most frequent questions other men ask as they come to terms with their attractions have been gathered here with general responses from the North Star community, as well as additional personal responses from other men.

You are not alone. Here you’ll find real stories from men who strive to live their lives in accordance with the gospel while experiencing feelings of same-gender attraction.

Supportive fellowship and friendship with others who share your values and commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ is a valuable spiritual tool. Within North Star, we like to provide ways to build such positive friendships and to create a community where individuals will find joy in the gospel.

Depression. Pornography addiction. Suicidal thoughts… Sadly, these are things many of us have also dealt with, but there is help out there. Various articles, support groups, help-lines, and therapy options are out there ready to aid in your recovery from and coping with these often devastating afflictions

There are many sources both scholastic and inspired through which to view our experiences with same-gender attraction and related feelings. We present a wide variety of articles and resources, including some with varying and occasionally contrasting views.

North Star has amassed a library of resources surrounding same-sex attraction. With the launch of this new website, we are working hard to reorganize and present this information in the best possible way. Check back soon!

You Are Not Alone

Within the North Star community you will find countless men and women who experience same-sex attraction and who are striving to live their lives in accordance with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.