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After his mission, in 1959, Bob asked Gaye on a blind date, and 9 months later, they were married in the temple and on their way to having 6 children, 14 grandchildren and over 53 years of marriage. Bob became a Professor at UCLA and life was good, but SSA kept looming up to shatter his “dreamworld”. After 47 years of pleading with the Lord and finally getting his priorities in order, the Lord intervened and produced a “Mighty Change of Heart” in him, much like Alma’s experience. It was then that he finally told his family who all came to express love and support. Now retired, they love to travel, be with their family, serve in the Church, attend wonderful productions, etc. Their relationship with the Lord has deepened as they learned to seek to know His will and to let Him be the “captain of their souls.”


Full Interview (37 Minutes)

Highlights Interview (7 Minutes)